``Turned a Brand Into a Lifestyle``

This is our Story

Written by Will Malcolm

My name is Will, I’m a young Black Entrepreneur. I’m a father, barber, clothing designer and I strive to inspire other, hence my slogan, “Inspire others”


I created a lifestyle for myself that includes all the things I love and enjoy. I started out with my barbershop. It’s a place where you come to get fresh and look good. With that, you also want to dress and feel good. Fashion is a staple in my community and allows you to express yourself and represent what you believe in or support. I put my creativity and love of fashion to use and got to designing.

I wanted to put pieces together that would spark conversation and showcase people past and present that inspire! My symbol which you’ll see on all my designs represents eternal life. It was a perfect fit to what I was trying to bring to life in my clothing. My brand is a lifestyle, conversation and an inspiration!

– Pass it on and INSPIRE OTHERS